Dear Grandpa

The Lord called you home yesterday. I find myself smiling as I think of the happy reunion you will have with our heavenly Father. Your journey to eternal rest was long and very difficult at times; I rejoice that you can finally find peace in the Father’s everlasting arms. I can only imagine the conversations you two will have–all about tennis and the weather.

There are many words I wish I had shared with you before you left this earth. For most of my life, I often saw you as my everything. I felt completely protected and secure with you from the time I was a tiny baby. At our first meeting when I was about 6 months old, I found comfort in your arms, and from that moment on you played a key part in shaping my world. I owe much of my creative spirit to you. You took me on wonderful adventures to magical parks where you would place me in a swing set and push me high enough that I could touch the sky. You always dressed up like Santa Claus at Christmas and showed that me that Santa Claus was real because you emulated his spirit so well. You found wonder in the simplest elements of nature which allowed me to see the Lord.

You were a respected and successful lawyer and judge, but you never let your position define you. Work, money, esteem were never that important. Love always came first. I know what love is not because of the words you spoke but by every action you took in life. You were the perfect gentleman to everyone you met, putting everyone else before yourself and expecting nothing in return.

I owe my life to you and your love. For this reason, I can let you go now and assure you I will be okay without your physical presence. During so much of my life, I looked to you for guidance, and it was that guidance that brought me to my faith in the Lord. Your faith was phenomenal! It breaks my heart that I was not with you in your final hours, but I know my presence was not necessary because Jesus Christ was with you, the only Presence you needed to be there.

I spent most of my life worrying about what I would do without you in it. Now I am finally facing that reality, but fortunately, I learned from you to rely on the Lord. Thank you, Grandpa, for the memories, the peace, and most of all the love with which you filled my life. You will never leave me because I hold you forever in my heart.

3 thoughts on “Dear Grandpa

  1. This is a beautiful and moving tribute. Any “respected” legal professional who plays Santa Claus every Christmas is truly worthy of note! I always appreciated both of my grandfathers–different as they were from each other, they each displayed affection in whimsical and charming ways that amused their grandchildren as well as making them feel safe. I am glad your grandfather remained an integral part of your life as long as he did. And, as you point out, he will continue to be part of it because he will live in your heart as long as you do!


  2. What a wonderful portrait of your grandfather you paint here with these touching words. I feel like I know him and shared in your amazing childhood experiences just from reading this post. You must feel this loss deeply, but I can tell that your cherished memories and your connection as children of God will keep him with you always. Thanks for sharing how your grandfather showed you lessons about faith and love that cannot be rivaled. May he rest in peace. God Bless you and your family!

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