Home Is Where the Heart Is

I visited my parents this weekend.  This was the first time I saw their new house in their new city.  To my surprise, I was full of excitement to experience the new life my parents had begun.  It was further evidence of the healing the Lord is providing for our family.  The Lord truly has plans for all our lives and they are strongly connected to others we touch.  Somehow God orchestrates each one of our story lines and make them intersect at exactly the right moment.  I can look back at my entire life and realize how the Lord was working to ensure I was ready for this precise moment that would happen this weekend.
It has been almost 2 years since I packed up and left Colorado to move to New York.  I left with a strong conviction I would have an adventure with the Holy Spirit.  To His credit, I am still having this adventure but He had much greater purpose for my move.  Relocating to New York was a small piece of a grand and elaborate plan to heal my family.  I didn’t even know we needed healing.  I thought I needed healing after several setbacks after my diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes 13 years ago.  My wounds were actually rooted deeper inside my family’s history.  When the Lord sent me to New York, He was not only planning to free me from my soul ties in Colorado, but He would free my parents from theirs as well.
I grew up in one house and there I set up my life and constructed plans for that life.  The problem was that the plans were made by me, a sinful human, not by the Lord.  My family and I fell into the common traps of wanting to control our own destinies and built up strong attachments to material things, not from God.  The house in which I grew up was the main attachment, but there were many others inside that house and in Colorado.  When my parents told me they were considering moving, I was bound and determined to make sure that did not happen.  Our house was “everything,” if we didn’t have it, we would have nothing.  This lie started the insidious desire to control my life and my parents’ lives.  The truth is that with only our house we had nothing, and without it, we would have everything.  With their new life, my parents are truly free because they are no longer chained to an immovable object.  The joy I experienced this weekend was unlike any I ever felt before because we could talk about all these new possibilities and adventures for our lives, adventures that would be impossible if we continued to hold onto our control.  Our lives are now in the Lord’s hands and there is no better place for them to be.  The house I visited this weekend is not my home, but that is a good thing.  It is a wonderful house and I feel “at home” in it, but this is simply further confirmation that the Lord has transformed my heart once again.  Home is where the heart is, and my heart is with the Lord.

One thought on “Home Is Where the Heart Is

  1. While visiting Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida a few days ago, I was reminded of your column where you compared your adventure with the Holy Spirit to a roller coaster ride. I was talked into going on one during this visit, and remember every bone-jarring moment vividly. Surrendering control of your life, even to your God and Father, is truly terrifying, but can lead to some exciting and thrilling times, just as you experience on an actual roller coaster, and if you can manage to hang on, there is the joy of that great feeling of peace when the ride stops!!! May your “adventure” continue to provide you with excitement, joy and peace.


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