About ten days ago the Lord led me to the adoration chapel at my local church. It was late in the evening and I was convinced that it would be locked or require a code to get in. To my surprise it was open and was already filled with fellow adorers. As I sat down I saw that the chapel provided an assortment of leaflets with different prayers. I picked up a random one, it was the novena to Saint Jude. This was right around my birthday and I was once again preoccupied with the fact that I was another year older and hadn’t gotten any closer to finding a husband or starting a family. I started reading about Saint Jude and saw that he was the saint that one should pray to for the impossible. On my bad days I do believe that finding a husband is a truly an impossible cause. I was immediately struck with the hope that the Lord brought me to this adoration chapel to find this novena and to pray for the impossible. Of course, the humanity in me automatically believed that I was supposed to pray for the impossible cause of finding a husband for me.

Needless to say by the eighth day of praying the novena I was no closer to finding this husband I had been praying for. I have recently been noticing that when I place my own ideas on what I expect to happen I lose sight of the Lord’s true plan and purpose. In the midst of these nine days the uncle of a close friend had a health scare and ended up going in for emergency surgery. Interestingly enough this surgery just happened to be scheduled on the ninth and final day of my novena. As I was praying the novena in the morning on the ninth day and came to the point where I was to say my intentions for the novena my friend and her uncle were suddenly placed in my heart. As much as I long for a husband I hold the faith that the Lord will fulfill this desire in His time and I became aware that at that moment in time there were more important matters to pray for. Instead of praying for the impossible husband I prayed for my friend’s uncle, for his surgery to go well and to keep him strong and persevere through the surgery. Throughout the day I received updates from my friend letting me know the progress of the surgery. He came through it and is now recovering. I know that Jesus Christ, His Holy Angels and Saint Jude were truly present in that hospital that day. My friend told me of several other miracles that happened that day to other patients in the hospital. I have no doubt that she witnessed these miracles because of the great abundance of prayers she asked for from our community of friends we share. I can only hope that my prayers were a helpful contribution to all the miracles that happened that day. It was very much the day for the impossible. Saint Jude was definitely present, he is also the patron Saint of hospitals which I thought was significant. As for my husband, well maybe he is not that impossible and he is just taking his own time to get to me.


One thought on “Impossible

  1. I’m sure the Lord and St. Jude (not to mention your friend and her family) appreciated your cooperation in the healing miracles that were needed on the last day of your novena. I think you wrote of a similar occurrence in Lourdes when you started out praying for your own intentions and ended up praying for a coworker instead. I remember a popular poster from many years ago depicting God’s hands and the caption “my work must truly be your own.” Since Jesus no longer heals the sick personally, He must work through us and through the skilled workers in hospitals. As for your husband, he may have taken a step to be closer to you and you may not know it yet!


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