Surprising Blessings

“Remember the days past when, after you had been enlightened, you endured great contest of suffering… Therefore, do not throw away your confidence; it will have great recompense. You need endurance to do the will of God and receive what He has promised.” (Hebrews 10: 32-39)

Here it is February, one month into the new year, the time when people forget their new year resolutions and the excitement of a promising new year starts to wear off. I encountered this loss of excitement this week. The struggle and sheer pain I endured was enough for anyone to throw up their hands and give up. I was tempted to give up on the promise of this new year but then I read this passage from Hebrews. I began 2019 with an ideal job that was clearly destined for me based off the will of God. The reason and purpose for this job has yet to be revealed but the peace that I receive whenever I enter into the office is a peace that cannot be overlooked. Getting to that peace has not been easy and it gets harder and harder with each passing day.

The apartment that I have seen as a true sanctuary and where I could shut out the harsh realities of New York was invaded by bed bugs this past week. The bed bugs are not the worst part of it, it is all the precautions my roommate and I have to go through to ensure that the bed bugs are truly exterminated. Bed bugs are drawn to soft things so it important to make sure our clothes are pest free. In order to do this I have run all my clothes through the dryer on high. While simple in theory I live in New York which means dryers are hard to come by. Even though there are literally hundreds of laundromats evidently there is this strict policy that dryers are only for customers who also use the washers. I spent the majority of my Saturday hauling my entire wardrobe from one laundromat to the next begging the owners to allow me to use their dryers. I eventually was successful but then I was faced with the seemingly impossible journey hauling all my clothes back to my apartment. I had managed to fit my clothes into only two bags but they were huge bags and very awkward. How on earth was I going to get them back to my apartment? I will ever forget that moment, I was alone blocks away from my apartment holding these bags containing all my possessions and exhausted. I had no idea how I was going to make it back, I needed help. I just stopped and looked to the sky and waited on the Lord. I had knew I had no ability to do this on my own and the Holy Spirit had to intervene. What He did next was surprising, He made me laugh. He showed me the humor of the situation and how blessed I was to have this experience. The infestation of bed bugs is not something everyone gets to go through and even though it is a pain to deal with I have come to be very appreciative to have the experience. I am forced to truly purge, take an inventory of all my possessions and evaluate what is worth keeping. To my amazement there is not much that I really feel I can live without. I recognized what is really important which is that both my roommate and I are okay and are able to keep smiles on our faces and so far we have been. The Lord also gave me the strength to make it back to my apartment with all my clothes intact after the trial at the laundromat, it took me a while but I made it. It just goes to show you can accomplish anything through the grace of God.

The bed bug infestation is just one last adventure I get before I make my move to New Jersey. As the verse in Hebrews said, “you need endurance to do the will of God.” Yes, this past week and the weeks to come are going to be hard but I will get through it because it is the will of God. I will be better and stronger for it. All these things that I have gone through and am going through are preparing me for what the Lord has promised me and I cannot wait.


2 thoughts on “Surprising Blessings

  1. Even Disney, who can create charming creatures with mice and other rodents, never used bedbugs in his films. I hope you, your roommate and a good exterminator can truly eradicate them from your apartment.
    May you find a new place of peace and sanctuary in NJ and may all your previous “adventures” be worth the endurance required of you.


  2. Ahh . . . Your adventure with the Holy Spirit and the reminder from Hebrews was just what I needed to get through the last stages from an assignment I’m working through. It was glorious to start with but has become an endurance test in the final stages. I’m seeing your blog as a sort of bank shot from the Holy Spirit to chivvy me along to finish the race. If you can do it with battling the legions of bed bugs. Certainly I can with my music assignment!


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