Spiritual Resume

I have officially been at my new job for a week and I have fallen in love with it. It is everything that I never knew I wanted in a job. I have a set schedule with weekends off, something that I have never had at a job before. I have a desk and a work email address. These things may not be a big deal to some but for me they are truly a dream come true. These small things signify freedom and peace of mind and up until now I had no idea that these things were possible in a job. The most incredible thing about the job is that I am in community with truly good and supportive people. I am currently forced to commute to New Jersey from Queens, NY for this job. The commute is grueling and I have already questioned my ability to handle the commute serval times but all my frustration and fear is completely erased when I arrive at my job. I always arrive late due to traffic and when I apologize to my coworkers they respond with understanding and care. “The important thing is that you are safe,” is always the response I get. In addition, they have all come together and added in my efforts to find a place to live closer to work. I haven’t found anything yet but with prayer I have faith that the perfect property will present itself at the perfect time.

As I have gotten more comfortable in my new life and new surroundings I continue to be astounded by the perfection of the Lord’s plan. This new job is medical billing and if you know me at all you would know that medical billing is probably the last thing that I would ever consider for a career path. Upon examining my path to getting this job it is clear that the Lord truly orchestrated it. When I was first presented with the job opportunity I had absolutely no idea what the job was and all I had to go on was that it paid well and it was in New Jersey. Since I had no other job prospects at the time I agreed to look into it. Getting in contact with the company was almost impossible and most of the initial correspondence was done through third parties. When I finally got some personal contact the hiring process went rather quickly. The second email suggested a time for a Skype interview with a promise that if everything went well I would be hired. This was truly mind blowing considering I still had no idea what I was interviewing for. During the Skype interview I was finally able to ask what the job was. Of course, when I heard medical billing my immediate reaction was to not positive. “Another dead end,” I believe was the actual thought that entered my mind. As the interview continued they asked many questions but none had anything to do with my knowledge or experience of medical billing. The questions were more focused on me and who I was as a person. At the end they confessed that they were not concerned that I didn’t have experience in the medical field because all that can be taught, what they were really more concerned about is finding a person of faith.

I had been focused with making my resume perfect and matching all my qualifications to what people in the business world are looking for a every time my resume never added up. I was beginning to question my abilities and my worth. I could not see that the Holy Spirit was working on another resume, my spiritual resume. I got this job because in my past works matched up with this job’s devotion to employ good and faithful people. It is a good reminder that I should not allow myself to get caught up with the demands and social expectations of the world. All I need to be concerned with is the expectations of God.


2 thoughts on “Spiritual Resume

  1. This is indeed a wonderful story of how God really knows what’s best for us and we must have faith to allow Him to do what we would never have even considered possible. I am so thankful you have found a job with truly good and caring people. The regular hours and increased pay are added bonuses! Happy New Career!


  2. Good morning dear,

    I tried to post the following comment on your latest blog but WordPress said they couldn’t do it. So, here it is by email, “Like! Like! Like! Like!!!! Your points were so well stated, nothing more need be said.

    I saw that your new NJ governor said today would be a great one to stay home and binge watch your favorite shows. I am so glad you now have the freedom to do whatever you might want to do on this weekend Saturday!

    love Dad

    On Fri, Jan 18, 2019 at 9:32 PM Kitty in the City wrote:

    > klars319 posted: “I have officially been at my new job for a week and I > have fallen in love with it. It is everything that I never knew I wanted in > a job. I have a set schedule with weekends off, something that I have never > had at a job before. I have a desk and a work ema” >


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