This past weekend I was fortunate enough to attend an Unbound Conference. “Unbound” is a book written by Neal Lozano. The main theme is to be delivered from the foundational lies that have been placed in us and renounce them. When people hear about the book it is common for people to think that going to a conference they are going to see crazy things and demons cast out of people and to be honest I was kind of hoping to experience a little of that too. Neal quickly set all these misconceptions to rest in his introduction. Neal’s method is a lot more subtle, he calls it a non-confrontational approach. He doesn’t make the enemy the main character. He said making the enemy the main focus would be like saying the main focus of the Exodus in the Old Testament was Pharaoh. I greatly appreciated Neal’s subtleties, just because they were subtle did not make them any less impactful.

Neal opened the conference by saying that you may not have even realized how God had been preparing you for this conference. This statement hit me hard. For the past few months I had been going through immense emotional turmoil. I had been experiencing intense feelings of anger and hatred. All of this was centered around my childhood home, my parents have made the decision to sell it and this decision truly broke my spirit. I hated them for this, I felt betrayed and lied to. This anger that had been building in me for the past few months took control of my entire life. My world was suddenly placed under great darkness from which I was unable to escape and I could not hear the Lord. The anger inside of me created a barrier which made it impossible to be close to Him or trust Him and I hated Him too. He knows how important that house is to me. How could He allow this it to be taken away? Within the first few minutes of that conference I knew that God had planned this all along. I had to come to understand this anger and darkness for me to truly be willing to be delivered from it.

I had no idea how the Lord was going to get me “unbound” from this hatred. In my mind it was a very tall order but I wanted it because the power of the darkness was unbearable. I was open to whatever miracle the Lord had in store. I realized that my identity was tied to that house therefore whenever my parents said they wanted to sell the house I was hearing that they wanted to “sell” me. I felt abandoned and unwanted by my parents even though their actions did not affirm that belief in the slightest. I was going off the foundational lies in which the enemy had placed in me during my childhood. Through the conference I uncovered several lies that I had allowed into my spirit from a young age. As these lies were revealed I was able to renounce them. I was also able to forgive not only my parents but myself as well. How was this possible? It was through Jesus Christ because there is true power in His name. In the name of Jesus Christ I renounced anger. In the name of Jesus Christ I renounced hatred. Through His name the enemy has no power and the enemy is bound to do whatever Jesus Christ tells them to do.

At the end of the conference I was blessed to have a private session in which I was prayed over. I renounced all the spirits that had been plaguing me and told them to leave. Again, it was a very subtle change but I could feel them leave me and I felt lighter. I am not “bound” to my house anymore. I still will grieve the loss of my childhood but the spirit of anger is not binding me to it. God was not done yet, my prayer session ended with the Father’s blessings. I stood in the middle with the leader and intercessory prayers standing around me. As they prayed they said that the Lord was proud of me and He has seen my progress I had made in New York and He was proud of me. In the grand finale the Lord freed me from the greatest lie that I have been bound to, the lie that I was not loved by my Holy Father.


One thought on “Unbound

  1. What a profound experience! To be loosed from such a strong chain just as Advent begins seems especially fitting. Now you can truly focus on the joy that will come on Christmas Day and enjoy the anticipation without being distracted by anger and hate. As Jesus was born to set us free from sin and death, may you continue to feel the freedom you discovered through Unbound.


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